Sunday, November 24, 2013

Minister Nathi Mthetwa

For declaring photos of Nkandla being illegal. Surely he is not going to file a case against Google Earth, or the publishers of all the pictures on this page? Are we moving towards the Police State of PW and his clan?

Monday, September 23, 2013

The teacher of Glenvista

that tried to forcefully grab a learner's bag (which led to the learner retaliating - hitting the poor sod with a broomstick. The question is (and I heard only ONE report mentioning the fact that it was the kid's bag) who initiated the violence???? If one watches the video it seems to be clear. So can anyone answer the question - who's bag is in the teacher's hand as he walks away. If it is the kid's bag - the teacher is the poepol. Is this not a property rights issue rather than "school violence"?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

"moegoe" or "mampara"

IN A nod to media freedom, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission has ruled in favour of well-known columnist Justice Malala, who faced a complaint after having dubbed President Jacob Zuma "Loser of the Week" on his Justice Factor show in October. Commissioner Brian Makeketa said the right to freedom of expression permitted journalists to "rate" politicians, even though not everyone might agree with their views. The rating of politicians - through scorecards or weekly titles like "moegoe" or "mampara" - has often been criticised. Media law expert and Webber Wentzel partner Dario Milo said the judgment "re-emphasised the point that rating of politicians is a legitimate form of commentary in a democracy and must be given appropriate breathing space". Mr Malala gave Mr Zuma the title of "loser" because Mr Zuma had called for the lifting of sanctions in Zimbabwe. This prompted a complaint from veteran trade unionist Cunningham Ngcukana, a former deputy director-general in the Presidency under Thabo Mbeki. He also took issue with Mr Malala's disparaging reference to a statement by Mr Mbeki that there was no crisis in Zimbabwe. Mr Ngcukana said both comments were "distortions", misled the public and were based on facts taken out of context. He said Mr Malala was using his position to "settle a personal score" with Mr Mbeki. The broadcasting code allows for comment and criticism, as long as it is "an honest expression of opinion", presented in a way that "appears clearly to be comment", and it is made "on facts truly stated or fairly indicated and referred to". Mr Makeketa found Mr Malala had not distorted the facts. While he took editorial licence with the facts, he did so in a way that "was totally compatible with the give- and-take nature of the democratic political debate . in SA". But Mr Ngcukana said he would appeal the judgment as the panel had "misdirected itself" on the facts and the code. While other publications rated people, they did so "on facts", he said. Mr Malala, however, "just makes statements, without a factual basis".

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oscar Pistorius

This is a tragedy. I may be shooting off my mouth here - but a man with a temper should not own a gun.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Looters of Zamdela.

On my list this week - all those that participated in the taking of property that did not belong to them.